Musashi Miyamoto  
Samurai sword Musashi
GroundSamurai in Japan
  The samurai were a warrior class in Japan that were known for their proficiency and devotion to the martial arts, especially the wielding of the samurai sword.  
  WaterSword Master Musashi
  Musashi Miyamoto was a legendary samurai who lived from 1584 to 1645. A master of martial arts and strategy, his feats with a sword were matched by his skills in writing and painting.  
FireBook of Five Rings
  Musashi Miyamoto's book on his school of sword fighting and on the Way of the the Warrior.  
Wind Swords and Samurai
  A collection of books, movies, links, and other information on samurai, swords, and related topics.  
SkyThe Way of Strategy
  "The Way of the Warrior does not include other Ways...but if you know the Way broadly, you will see it in everything." - Musashi Miyamoto